Russian-English-Russian realtime phone translation.
Russian-English-Russian translation
Realtime telephone translation
The call to you, overseas and conferencing
Just $ 1.95 per minute
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The phone, international direct dialling, the telex, the fax machine, and email have all brought about step changes in the way we do business. But nothing beats talking to somebody in their own language. So, is that a problem for you? Not any more!
If you donít speak Russian or a lady you call doesnít speak English, the service we offer you is the most convenient way to solve this problem. We present a translation service, which is irreplaceable in the situation when you donít speak the same language.

Russian-English-Russian Translation over the phone

Telephone Translation + Conference Call:

- US$1.95 / minute, USA

- Includes the call to you, the call overseas and conferencing

- International callers welcome, inquire for rates


-Russia, Ukraine, CIS

-Any Russian-speaking party or country


- Female only, native Russian or Ukrainian

- Comments on sincerity, honesty, compassion available after call

- Regular rate applies


- Urgent calls available

- Submit orders 1-2 days in advance for casual calls

- Best calling time 10 AM - 2 PM PST (GMT -8:00 winter, -7:00 summer)

- Evenings, weekends and holidays available

How to use:

You can order our translation service for $1.95 per minute today. All you have to do is to call our toll free number. You donít need to order or buy anything online. Just call us, set up an appointment and be ready to be connected to your lady or business partner in Russia or any other former Soviet Union country. You can call us any time from 9 am till 7 pm EST Monday through Saturday. A skilled interpreter will be on line with you and your lady or business partner to translate every word you both want to say to each other. You will understand and be understood. Donít let the language barrier become an obstacle in your communication. Once you use our service you will see how easy it will make your relationships. Call us today. Your lady or business partner will appreciate your efforts to better your communication.


Russian-English-Russian phone translation
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