Telecommunication services
Telecommunication services
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Telecommunication services

Cognigen products & services

Cognigen Networks, Inc provides telecommunication products and services to worldwide markets. The company's activities include selling prepaid calling cards, providing call switching services and internet marketing of telecommunications products and services, pagers and computers. The company currently operates in two distinct channels of direct and indirect sales of telecommunications and personal technology services. Cognigen resells the services of industry leaders such as AT&T Wireless, Broadvox, CNM Network, Nextel, PowerNetGlobal Sprint, Talk America, T-Mobil, Verizon and Z-Tel. Cognigen is for people just looking for the best long distance rates and lowest priced phone cards, cell phone service, internet access, pagers, dial-around, satellite TV, inexpensive computers, or callback services for their own use to those wanting to earn money by marketing these services.

Cognigen is not a new company and has a great track record of delivering long distance programs with the best pricing that is available anywhere. However, different people have different needs so it isn't a "one program fits all" scenario in the long distance business. Visit each plan and decide which is the best for you - BUT DO analyze the minimums, the monthly charges, the PIC charges, and surcharges if any as they will affect your monthly bill. These are the things the big guys and the fancy ads won't tell you until you get your bill. Cognigen is upfront about all these types of charges and some of the plans have some of these types of charges regardless of their great rates, but for most part you can find a cheapest plan for your usage pattern.

- Save on Long Distance starting at just 3.45 cents per minute. Telephone services for your home, low-cost Internet service, cellphones, computers and accessories, satellite TV and more...
- Make purchasing your business communications needs simple and easy-with all products in one place. Web hosting and domain names. Unuified voice messaging.
- Whether you are business traveler, college student or leisure traveler, Cognigen can help you stay in touch! Travel services - all in one place. Calling cards. Wireless services. Follow me 800 service.
- Chance to save up to 70% with great selection of home and business services with worldwide origination. Services available in Canada and outside North America. Worldwide origination Internet. VoIP and Broadband Phone.
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