Calling Cards and Phone Cards for calling Singapore from Ukraine.
Best rate: $ 0.928 per min.




Master Cent phone card, Master Cent calling card
Master Cent
Card nominal: 10.00
Detailed information

Card nominal: 12.00
Detailed information
Prepaid Phone Cards, International Calling Cards


Calling destinations —> U —> Ukraine —> Singapore

Call Singapore from Ukraine for as low as $ 0.928 per minute!

CHECK OUT special rates for:

- SMS-CALL : send an SMS from Ukraine with the number of the person you wish to reach in Singapore - your phone will ring and you will get connected;
- WEB-CALL : initiate calls to Singapore in only one single click from the Internet. No need to download and install software, no connection fee, no maintenance fee, no needs for a PIN - just click and connect your phone in Ukraine to a phone in Singapore!
- VOIP | PC2PHONE : download a Softphone for free, search cheaper VoIP rates to Singapore and dial to Singapore straight from your computer or smartphone.





THE MOST POPULAR CALLING CARDS for calls to Singapore:

FastWorld phone card,  FastWorld calling card


Rate: $ 0.106
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Lucky Minutes phone card, Lucky Minutes calling card

Lucky Minutes

Rate: $ 0.120
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Penny Boss phone card, Penny Boss calling card

Penny Boss

Rate: $ 0.122
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Partner Phone Card, Partner Calling Card


Rate: $ 0.126
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Bizon phone card, Bizon calling card


Rate: $ 0.130
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Rate: $ 0.138
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