Calling Cards and Phone Cards for calling Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular) from the USA.
Best rate: $ 0.310 per min.



Continental phone card, Continental calling card
Card nominal: 5.00
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Everest Phone Card, Everest Calling Card
Card nominal: 10.00
Detailed information
Prepaid Phone Cards, International Calling Cards


Calling destinations —> U —> USA —> Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular)

Call Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular) from the USA for as low as $ 0.310 per minute!

CHECK OUT special rates for:

- SMS-CALL : send an SMS from the USA with the number of the person you wish to reach in Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular) - your phone will ring and you will get connected;
- WEB-CALL : initiate calls to Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular) in only one single click from the Internet. No need to download and install software, no connection fee, no maintenance fee, no needs for a PIN - just click and connect your phone in the USA to a phone in Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular)!
- VOIP | PC2PHONE : download a Softphone for free, search cheaper VoIP rates to Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular) and dial to Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular) straight from your computer or smartphone.


THE MOST POPULAR CALLING CARDS for calls to Western Samoa Mobile (Cellular):


Rate: $ 0.489
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Cheap Call phone card, Cheap Call calling card

Cheap Call

Rate: $ 0.490
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Champion phone card, Champion calling card


Rate: $ 0.611
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Lucky Minutes phone card, Lucky Minutes calling card

Lucky Minutes

Rate: $ 0.641
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Penny Boss phone card, Penny Boss calling card

Penny Boss

Rate: $ 0.681
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Partner Phone Card, Partner Calling Card


Rate: $ 0.735
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Rate: $ 0.766
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Cardinal phone card, Cardinal calling card


Rate: $ 0.794
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FastWorld phone card,  FastWorld calling card


Rate: $ 0.819
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Jupiter phone card, Jupiter calling card


Rate: $ 0.850
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Bizon phone card, Bizon calling card


Rate: $ 0.988
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