Calling Cards and Phone Cards for calling Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular) from the USA.
Best rate: $ 0.080 per min.



Jupiter phone card, Jupiter calling card
Card nominal: 5.00
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Card nominal: 10.00
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Calling destinations —> U —> USA —> Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular)

Call Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular) from the USA for as low as $ 0.080 per minute!

Before deciding which service delivers the lowest calling rates for your phone calls, and which long distance carrier offers the highest savings potential, use our handy resource and run a detailed side-by-side comparison of phone cards to Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular).
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NOTE: To find the the most reasonable price to call Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular) it is essential to compare the rates listed below with tariffs applied by other long distance phone services such as 1-Plus, Conference Calling, Dial Around, Pre-paid Dial Around, Pre-paid Calling Card, Post-paid Phone Card, Sim Card and VOIP. We have just added International Best Rates Calculator, developed precisely for these tasks.

CHECK OUT special rates for:

- SMS-CALL : send an SMS from the USA with the number of the person you wish to reach in Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular) - your phone will ring and you will get connected;
- WEB-CALL : initiate calls to Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular) in only one single click from the Internet. No need to download and install software, no connection fee, no maintenance fee, no needs for a PIN - just click and connect your phone in the USA to a phone in Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular)!
- VOIP | PC2PHONE : download a Softphone for free, search cheaper VoIP rates to Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular) and dial to Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular) straight from your computer or smartphone;
- Mobile Caller : replace all your long distance services with one Mobile Caller prepaid plan, that works from over 20+ countries to Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular). This can be used from your home, work, hotel, dormitory, cellular, landline, smartphones, pay phones or just about any telephone in the world.


THE MOST POPULAR CALLING CARDS for calls to Tajikistan Mobile (Cellular):

Penny Boss

Rate: $ 0.084
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Rate: $ 0.090
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Cardinal phone card, Cardinal calling card


Rate: $ 0.099
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CheapStreet phone card, CheapStreet calling card


Rate: $ 0.128
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Simply phone card, Simply calling card


Rate: $ 0.157
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Golden Lotus

Rate: $ 0.183
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Bizon phone card, Bizon calling card


Rate: $ 0.183
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Mariachi phone card, Mariachi calling card


Rate: $ 0.185
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Royal Call phone card, Royal Call calling card

Royal Call

Rate: $ 0.188
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Rate: $ 0.190
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Continental phone card, Continental calling card


Rate: $ 0.192
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Partner Phone Card, Partner Calling Card


Rate: $ 0.200
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FastWorld phone card,  FastWorld calling card


Rate: $ 0.200
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Hello from UK phone card, Hello from UK calling card

Hello from UK

Rate: $ 0.206
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EastWest phone card, EastWest calling card


Rate: $ 0.234
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TravelGlobe phone card, TravelGlobe calling card


Rate: $ 0.259
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Chopin phone card, Chopin calling card


Rate: $ 0.440
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Rate: $ 0.460
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Rate: $ 0.800
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