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How to use our prepaid phone cards
All phone cards work in a similar way, and they may be used to call from a land line mobile or payphone to any regular phone.
The dialing instructions are very simple, and quite similar for all our calling cards. You will have to enter the access number, then a PIN code and finally the destination number you want to reach. (including the international exit code for that particular card).
To place your calls, all you have to do is follow the instructions that will be sent to your e-mail account after your order is approved.
Receive your PIN number right away by email immediately after processing your order, and start using your new calling card immediately! We offer the best deals on prepaid calling cards for domestic and international calls.


Cannot dial the destination number?
Be sure you are using a touch-tone phone.
If you have trouble dialing the destination number, please check that you are using a touch-tone phone. If you are using a pulse phone, our switch cannot hear any tone and will say "You have entered an invalid phone number, please try again."
To check if your phone is set to pulse or tone, pick up your phone and press any button. If you hear a tone when you are pressing the button, your telephone is set to tone dial. If you hear clicking, it is set to pulse dial. Many phones have a little switch which can change between tone and pulse. Switch it to tone and try again.If you don't have a touch-tone phone, you can purchase a tone generator from an electronics store.
Still cannot dial the destination number?
If you still hear the voice prompt "You have entered an invalid phone number, please try again." you may be taking too long to dial. Do not wait more than five (5) seconds after you hear a voice say "Please enter the number you wish to dial." Do not wait longer than five (5) seconds between digits. Our system will let you try three times before you hear the message "Sorry, you have entered too many invalid numbers." If the call begins ringing but says "Your call cannot be completed as dialed,"you have dialed an invalid number.

Calling Instructions

PIN: 123 456 7890

When you are ready to call, follow these steps:

Dial access number from your cell phone or land line.
Enter PIN number.
Dial destination phone number.
Start Talking.
To end your call you may simply hang up.


- In all cases we recommend you to check the specific information of each phone card before buying it to make the best decision.
- Each time you make a call, a recorded message will tell you how much time is left on the card. In this way you will be able to gain control of the minutes used.
- Most of our cards are available to use from Payphones, Mobiles and Hotels. In case you need to use your Calling Card from a Hotel, please be sure you are able to use your card's toll free access number. Some hotels in holiday areas will unblock the access number on request. On the other hand, when calling from your Mobile contact your Mobile Phone Company to verify they will not apply any regular airtime charge.
- Pinless Calling Cards:
This card has a Pinless Dialing option for USA & Canada. This means that you can register up to six phone number and each time calls are placed from this numbers, you will be able to use your calling card without having to enter your PIN every time you call. In case you are outside US, you will have to dial your card's access number and your PIN before your destination number.
- Wireless cards are not meant for placing international calls, but for recharging the credit on your cell phone. Rates per minute vary on the Prepaid Wireless Plan you have.
- By using 'PC to Phone', you will be establishing a phone call from your computer to a regular phone or cellular anywhere in the world, at amazing rates! This service uses your current internet connection to establish high quality & low-cost calls.
- Local Accesses: When using phonecards with local access the total cost of the call will be divided in two portions: the cost of the local call will be charge to your fixed telephone bill and the international part will be discounted of the balance of the card. This type of accesses is designed to provide better rates in your international call and could be used without restrictions from any type of telephone.
- Toll-Free Accesses: The telephone calls from toll-free access are those that will allow to perform calls where the total cost of the same will be discounted from the balance of the calling card, without any additional charges. Such always have nation-wide range, although its use could be restricted in hotels and payphones.



How to use our prepaid phone cards
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