Golden Lotus phone card, Golden Lotus calling card
Golden Lotus
Card nominal: 20.00
Detailed information

Golden Lotus
Card nominal: 10.00
Detailed information
Prepaid Phone Cards, International Calling Cards


Ahorre Brasil
$ 10.00
$ 20.00
$ 30.00
$ 50.00
Toll free access: View toll free
Local access: View local access
Rechargeable :
Pinless dialing:
Connection fee: View rate chart
Maintenance fee: USD 99 ¢ weekly
Rounding: 3 min
Payphone Surcharge: USD 20 ¢ per minute

Phone Card Instructions

  1. Dial the access number
  2. Enter your PIN
  3. Dial the number you wish to call
  • For calls to the US or Canada dial: 1 + Area Code + Number + #
  • For calls to other countries dial: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number + #
  • To place another call, press ** (Star twice) and then dial the destination number after the prompt

Additional information

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