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The reason that prepaid phone cards are so popular is the tremendous savings when compared to using a long distance calling cards, using collect calling, or having the phone call charged to your hotel or motel room. Prepaid phone cards can be found by doing a little research. It's easy to find cheap cards with great calling card rates if you take the time to investigate. We offer highly competitive prices - if you compare our rates and service to our competitors' you'll see that we provide the best value. By purchasing from you can be sure that you are getting an honest bargain. Our prepaid phone cards are constantly updated for best variety and cheap prices. specializes in offering the best rates for prepaid phone cards. All of the partners that we have chosen offer the best and most user-friendly Web sites for comparing and purchasing calling cards online. Use the menus below to view a comparison of the best calling cards available. Find the best rates from a variety of calling cards!


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Search box is the official Masterbell Corporation branch. is a leading long distance international prepaid phone cards distributor, based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was established in 1996 with the goal of developing secure and efficient business models that would allow customers to get the best long distance calling rates available on the internet without spending significant amount of time searching for alternative products and to make purchases instantly and securely.
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