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Phone Cards for Fast, Cheap International Calls

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Phone cards have moved beyond the cumbersome stage of messy scratch-offs and lengthy numeric keypad entries.  Today, fast, cheap international calls can be made with calling cards that are created for cheap cost and caller convenience – and individually tailored to your international calling needs.

Phone cards continue to grow with the lifestyles of the international calling consumer.  Fast, cheap international calls are now possible with a multitude of conveniences and services that calling card companies have added on to increase the value of the calling card to the international calling consumer.  Prepaid phone cards are no longer limited to convenience stores, and phone cards purchased over the Internet can be prepaid for convenience.  Phone numbers and pin numbers for calling cards can be emailed instead of being scratched off, and speed dial shortcuts can be assigned to reduce the need for extravagant numeric entry that is typical of many store-bought phone cards. 

Fast, cheap international calls can start with a calling card that is a prepaid phone card.  If you do not make international calls on a regular basis, purchasing a prepaid phone card for cheap international calls is a fast way to get a card within your budget constraints.  To find the cheapest rates for international calls , look beyond the rate charged per minute.  Many cards charge a connection fee, which may not amount to much if you are using your prepaid phone card for only one or two international calls.  However, if you frequently use calling cards to call overseas, connection charges can quickly devour the minutes on your phone card. 

Frequent international callers will also want to look into the phone card’s rollover minute policy if they choose a monthly calling card plan.  Many phone card companies will offer the convenience of rollover minutes with the convenience of an automatic refill of minutes if your phone card runs out of minutes at any time.  Consumers that make frequent international calls should also look into their personal value-benefit of speed-dial options with certain phone cards, pin-less dialing and online calling history reports.  Infrequent international callers may prefer a cheaper rate to these same features. 

Phone cards are also available for international calls over various communication systems.  Although phone cards were originally created for the classic (and soon archaic) land-line phone, phone cards are now frequently used with cell phones, and can also be used for VOIP, PDA, PC to Phone, WiFi, Web Calls, Texting, and Conference Calls. 

Whether you are purchasing a prepaid or monthly phone card, or a phone card for domestic calls or cheap international calls, you should always thoroughly review every detail of the calling card.  Fees for phone cards, both domestic and international, may include not only the minutes and connection fees, but may also include taxes, additional charges for placing payphone calls with the phone card, “maintenance” fees, and rounding fees.  Many phone cards round up to one minute, yet others round up to four or even five minutes.  If you frequently make your calls from hotels or airports, try and compare your phone call charges with any extra charges that may be incurred from your calling place.  It’s often cheaper to use a prepaid phone card in a hotel than it is to pay the hotels fees – especially for international calls.

Phone cards will continue to grow in their sophistication.  Mobile phone card ordering with the touch of a button is on the horizon.  For now, fast, cheap international calls can be made with or without calling card conveniences.  Phone card services can be tailored to your individual needs.  Taking the time to search the Internet for a combination of the cheapest phone card rate and the most convenient calling card services for your personal needs can give you long-term savings with long-term satisfaction – or at least help you find the best phone card for a fast, cheap international call to the country of your choice.