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Cell Phones, PDA’s, Phone Cards, and Pagers – Technology Reaching New Heights

It's a phone dominated society with technology now reaching a point where almost everyone seems to be carrying some type of communication device where ever they go.

Back in the 18th century in the US, people used to carry gun holsters on their hip, then they were outlawed and only those licensed to use them such as the law could carry them. Now, we've almost gone full circle and instead of guns, people now carry holsters on the hips carrying a communication device such as a phone.

Consider PDA's or Personal Digital Assistants. Once upon a time they were simply calculators but in a short space of time, have become a necessary piece of communication for the majority. While there may be a learning curve associated with them it seems the biggest challenge than facing people is which one to choose.

The same applies to cell phones and with the integration of the two, communicating personally, by message text or via email is now as mobile as it gets. Originally, they started out as big as bricks but soon decreased in size and as they did, became more powerful.

Devices such as the Blackberry and the Iphone in recent years have taken these communication levels to a brand new level and the truth is, we "ain't seen nothing yet." Now being able to talk with someone away from home is the norm, being able to get online without a computer is almost the norm and not having to worry about a phone cord is...well, what's that!

Wireless technology was aazing when it first surfaced but now, it's just part of the landscape. One of the significant aspects of cell phone technology is the increased competition for consumers by those providing the service and technology means the price of both the gadgets and the carriers themselves have dropped alarmingly. It's definitely a buyers market.

Pre Paid Phone Cards

What about phone cards? Well, they are still pretty popular. Prepaid phone cards have grown so much in popularity over the past few years that we can honestly say, particularly within our circle of friends, we don't know anyone who hasn't used one.

Their growth has been significant within the international calling arena, in fact, prepaid phone cards have become part of the communication vocabulary. International phone cards, international calling cards and prepaid phone've only got to take a walk down a busy shopping precinct and you see phone card advertising everywhere. From the local newsagent to the delicatessan; you don't have to look very far to buy a phonecard.