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Advantages of Prepaid Phone Cards

Prepaid phone cards allow you contact your family and friends where ever they are


Gone are the days when it was difficult to keep in touch with loved ones when they were miles apart from you. With the invention of prepaid phone cards you can contact your family and friends where ever they are.

Pre-pay (pay as you go) is the most common way to pay for mobile phone calls. It is the cheapest for those customers who do not use phone too much. The prepaid cards first made their appearance in the nineteenth century. They are considered the easy and reasonable method to stay connected. The guided instructions behind the phone cards make them easy to use.

Prepaid phone cards differ in rates, prices and services providing local and international coverage. Since prepaid phone cards differ in features, it is important to select one which suits one`s needs.

They have different charges and fees. One has to make sure the charges and fees that are associated with them like hidden charges, connection fees, maintenance fees, service fees etc. One should be aware of the rates per minute or per call of each pre paid phone card. An alternative for this is phone cards that do not offer such fees and charges, and it is highly advisable that the potential user look for such cards.

Always it is better to collect enough information before purchasing any of them. Some of them offer high call rates with low surcharges. The pros and cons should be weighed properly before choosing any one of them.

These cards offer round the clock coverage and can be used by using pay phone or any regular phone. They are handy because of its slim and paper like structure. Using pre paid phone cards one can call a business partner abroad urgently. Thus cheap international calls are possible through phone cards. The world has become a global village in its true sense because of them.

If we look into the origin of phone cards they were developed in Italy in 1976 in order to compensate for the shortage of coins. Magnetic strips were inserted in the pay phone and people started calling right away. Now after 30 years of its development they have improved on a vast scale. They use smart chips instead of magnetic strips.

There are also certain disadvantages regarding phone cards. Because of the slim card there is much possibility of it being lost. Hundred bucks can be lost in an instant. Scams and fraud are other disadvantages related to these cards. Scams can happen when you give information about your card to another in a gullible manner. A few digits can mean a lot and you will be scammed. Certain phone companies charge more and this is also a fraudulent way to fleece the customer. Call rates will not be revealed by these service providers thereby leaving a gap for cheating.

Even though it is a boon for travelers especially travelers it can change into a bane if the user is not well informed. Hence it all depends on the nature of the customer whether he is prudent and careful.